Equine Help Create a 'Bill & Pay' Account

Add a 'Billing Account'

Click on the 'My Bill' option from the home or side menu

If you are not logged into your mobile account, you will be requested to login with your email address and password. If your desired billing account is not displayed, tap the 'Add Billing Account' button at the bottom of the list

Enter the Policy Number (Formats: 7 digits or 1 alpha + 6 digits)

Enter the Billing Account Number (Format: 9 digits)

Enter the Zip Code (Format: 5 digits) - the Zip Code must match the Insured Zip Code for the Policy Number entered

Selecting 'Add' will add the billing account and return to the 'Bill & Pay' account list

Accounts must be registered for online payment via the Great American bill payment website. If you have not registered your account / policy to pay online, you will be directed to do so when making a payment. Refer to the help section under 'Register My Online Billing Account' for additional assistance.

Agency Bill policies (policies paid through your agent) are not available for 'Bill & Pay'. Contact your agent for Agent Bill policy payment options.

If you do not know the billing account number, policy number or the policy zip code, please refer to your policy documents, or contact your agent.